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Citra Tubindo is cooperating with PT Geo Dipa Energy to develop geothermal power plant. the state-owned enterprise is also planning to merge three geothermal companies into one state-owned geothermal holding.


Waste-to-energy power plant is being developed by Sumber Global Energy. The amount of RDF (Refused Derived Fuel) this power plant could generate is estimated 2300 tons a day in their second phase, the company is also estimate the cost of developing this plant would cost US$69 million.

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A senior official at the finance ministry said that the government has finalized all new capital regulations, completed the establishment of the capital authority, and has begun the fieldwork.

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PT PP – Elnusa won a tender worth of Rp1.7 trillion with a development span of 15 months. A gas pipeline project in an effort to construct a connection from Semarang-Cirebon with a length of 110km.


Indonesian parliament unanimously adopted three bills requiring the establishment of three independent provinces in Papua, the most eastern island of Indonesia. South Papua, Central Papua, and Papua Central Highlands.

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US company, Air Products a valuable, long-term partner for Indonesia is developing coal for methanol production facility in East Kalimantan.


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Several power plants is soon to be constructed by state-owned company in Indonesia. The construction will likely to play a role for the government new program Nawacita, regarding  eco responsibility.

PLN is trying to substitute coal with palm kernel shells to achieve clean energy development in Indonesia. Palm kernel is targeted to replace 52 locations of coal power plant by 2025.

A jewelry company, Hartadinata Abadi is investing US$40 billion for their capital expenditure development. They planned to have 82 jewelry stores and reach revenue US$6.8 trillion by 2022.

Timah, Indonesian tin’s company teams up with Tanzania to maximize the potential of both countries’ mining industry with the signature of four bilateral agreements allowing tin exploration and other rare minerals such as nickel or gold. Timah also supporting Stamico’s project of exploration while expanding its business in Africa.


Ukrainian Ambassador to Indonesia, has invited Indonesian investors and business people to invest, following the war with Russia.

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Take a look at the person who plays a big part in the decision of Indonesian oil company Pertamina to buy its crude from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).  

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To understand maritime law in Indonesia, this article provide requirement and protocol for trader to carry out transportation and international trade activities.

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New capital city of Indonesia potentially will have a more secure and strategic location for embassies and future infrastructure.

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Nickel manufacture which being developed for electric vehicle is promised to return the investment within the span of seven years.

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Although the Indonesian government has set a monthly mineral benchmark price for nickel, the nickel miners in Indonesia have not received fair prices for the nickel they sell to the smelter.

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With many new establishments of geothermal sector in West and Central Java, foreign investor will have a huge range of opportunity in this area.

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This article will provide rights over land law that are open for foreign investors who need buildings or land for their companies.

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