Monday, June 5, 2023

Tag: Technology

Investment totaling IDR 134.7 trillion will be directed towards the production of electric vehicle (EV) batteries within the country. […]
The Indonesian government the government is preparing the legal framework and plans to issue the Golden Visa policy in the near future. The program is expected to attract investments. […]
The government’s subsidy program for electric vehicles (EV) has faced criticism from multiple parties in the House of Representatives (DPR).  The DPR argued that the EV subsidy funds could have been allocated for other more impactful sectors. […]
BSSN selects French cyber security technology company Thales as its partner to optimize cybersecurity in the Indonesian digital sector. Thales will be providing a range of products and services to improve Indonesia’s cyber security. […]
Following the recent cyber attack launched against Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), safety of information technology has become one of the main concerns in the banking sector. Banks take various measures to improve cyber security starting from upgrading their IT and educating customers. […]
PLN took a stride towards the development of renewable energy (RE) in Indonesia, signing a business agreement with a Chinese company, CCCC. […]
Renowned French perfume company, Technicoflor Indonesia, announces establishment of cutting-edge perfume factory in Karawaci. The company plans to produce 10 tons of perfume per month in 2023. […]
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources reported China is interested in investing in the coal gasification project. The project will be able to produce an alternative energy cleaner compared to natural gas. […]
Paneltech US Corp will expand its operations by establishing factories in other regions across Indonesia. Indonesian Investment Minister Bahlil Lahdalia expressed a warm welcome to Paneltech US Corp’s investment in Indonesia. He further emphasized the potential of Paneltech technology and products in addressing waste management challenges, curbing carbon emissions, and mitigating deforestation. […]
Singapore company Bersama Digital Infrastructure Asia will establish a 60 MegaWatt data center in Indonesia. The investment amounts to US$ 600 million and is expected to expedite and support the growth of digital ecosystem in Indonesia. […]
With the increasing number of e-wallet users, security has become one of the major concerns in digital transactions. Indonesia’s National Cyber and Encryption Agency (BSSN) estimated that economic losses from cyberattacks in 2021 totaled a whopping IDR 14.2 trillion (US$957 million). […]
Oil and gas businesses association explains reasons why foreign investors are leaving Indonesia. Some of the reasons was the delayed enactment of the Oil and Gas Draft Bill and natural resources nationalization issue. […]
UOB and Lazada Group have entered into an agreement based on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on retail, and banking solution to develop a digital ecosystem in the Southeast Asian region through enhanced payments, and financial services such as digital lending services. […]
Through its subsidiary PT Pelindo Solusi Digital, Pelindo exhibits a number of digital products that can assist logistic businesses to manage processes with high efficiency and convenience. […]
MDI Ventures will work with Antler Germany to encourage the development of deep-tech start ups in Indonesia. […]
PLN and HDF will be cooperating to ensure the availability of clean and affordable energy. HDF is a France-based company pioneering in hydrogen to power solution. HDF develops and operates high capacity infrastructures to supply energy demand by utilizing renewable energy. […]
Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that he will establish a new AI development company to develop a truth-seeking AI that is unlikely to annihilate humans. […]
According to a 2020 report by McKinsey&Company, women make up only 27 percent of the workforce in the tech industry in Indonesia. In terms of leadership roles, the 2020 report by Women in Tech in Indonesia shows women hold only 12 percent of executive positions in the tech industry in Indonesia. […]
Indonesia and Germany made several joint declarations to facilitate B2B and G2G cooperation between both countries. The declarations are also expected to help accelerate the completion of the IEU CEPA agreement. […]
The recent case of fake QRIS code revealed risks and threats present within digital banking practices. Bank Indonesia urges providers to take measures and ensure security of their systems. […]
Facebook claims it will continue to allocate resources to develop AI innovations, hoping to establish a secure and positive ecosystem and provide more monetization opportunities for professional content creators. […]
Several digital banks recorded profits and signal that further growth is achievable and signifies importance of digital banks in propelling growth in consumer banking and for MSMEs. […]
Indonesian digital banking sector continues to grow as the country’s digital banks race to book profits in Q4 of 2022. […]
The investment in 01Fintech is a part of Sinar Mas’ larger plan to develop its private equity company. Sinar Mas plans to use 01Fintech’s expertise to identify and invest in promising startups in the region. […]
A report on the global value chain by the Asia Development Bank suggests ASEAN economies to improve resilience. […]
PT Indosat Tbk (ISAT) will be expanding its business to support the company’s data center services and to provide added value and generate more revenue stream. […]
PT Merdeka Battery Materials Tbk (MBMA) plans to hold its initial public offering (IPO) and is projected to make IDR 8.75 billion profit. […]
An international economic report revealed Indonesia’s digital economy is showing a positive trend with predictions reaching US$ 77 billion in 2022, and US$ 130 billion in 2025. […]
Real estate development company Sinar Mas Land (SML) and entrepreneur ecosystem builder KUMPUL.ID held the Digital Hub Next Action (DNA) Demoweek to support startups in finding angel investors, venture capitalists, and investors. […]
Telecommunication firm PT Dayamitra Telekomunikasi Tbk (MTEL) has allocated IDR 7 trillion (US$ 452.4 million) Capital expenditure (Capex) in 2023 to acquire telecommunication towers. […]