Monday, June 5, 2023

Tag: Energy

The Indonesian Government will increase its share ownership in Freeport as the company divest another 20% of its shares in exchange for permit extension. […]
Pertamina has been granted rights to manage the East Natuna Oil and Gas Working Area. The company won a bidding process with an investment of US$12.5 million. […]
The Indonesian government plans to stop exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) due to increasing demand from domestic industries. […]
Indonesia plans to become the regional hub for carbon capture and storage (CCS) by forming the Indonesia Carbon Capture and Storage Center (ICCSC). […]
The finalization of the plan to acquire Iran’s Mansouri Block had to be postponed due to the economic sanctions imposed by the US on Iran in mid-2018.   […]
Minister Airlangga Hartarto, met with the United States Trade Representative (USTR) during the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) event in Detroit, US. Airlangga discussed various strategic economic topics with Deputy of the United States Trade Representatives Sarah Bianchi. […]
The Indonesian government recently issued a new regulation that contains provisions related to radioactive material mining area. The issuance of the new regulation is said to support the government’s plan to divert from coal and to further develop nuclear energy. […]
PLN is seeking to leverage US$ 20 billion (IDR 300.16 trillion) from a climate finance deal to replace diesel power plants with solar power. […]
Indika Energy has announced plans to gradually divest from coal mining and expand its business scope to include mineral mining such as gold. Apart from gold mining, Indika Energy is also making expansion into bauxite mining. […]
Pertamina Geothermal Energy continues to pursue sustainable business with Japanese companies in developing clean energy for Indonesia. Indonesia currently holds the world’s second-largest geothermal potential, after the United States. […]
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) expresses disappointment over Shell’s reluctance in exiting the Masela LNG Project. […]
PT Pertamina Power & New Renewable Energy (NRE) has allocated a staggering US$10 billion to fund an extensive feasibility study focused on green ammonia production. The company is collaborating with two Japanese energy companies in the project, aiming to finalize it by 2024. The work areas are expected to generate up to 865 megawatts (MW). […]
The Head of SKK Migas Dwi Soetijipto highlighted that the gas reserves Bali northern waters are estimated to be approximately equivalent to half of those discovered in the Masela Block, Maluku. […]
PLN took a stride towards the development of renewable energy (RE) in Indonesia, signing a business agreement with a Chinese company, CCCC. […]
The World Bank grants IDR 260 billion to East Kalimantan province for its success in reducing 22 million tons of CO2 emission. The receipt of carbon compensation funds for East Kalimantan marked a significant milestone as it was the inaugural occurrence of such payments in Indonesia. […]
The Indonesian export market declines as demands from China decreases. China’s zero-emission policy had a significant impact on coal demand within the country, subsequently affecting Indonesia’s coal exports. […]
The proposed incentive entails the possibility of granting contractors an additional split, aimed at enhancing economic viability. The SKK Migas explained that the incentive also one of the attempts to enhance exploration activities. […]
PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tbk (PGE/PGEO), has issued green bonds worth US$ 400 million (IDR 5.95 trillion). The company’s IPO valuation reached up to IDR 9.05 trillion. […]
The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources reported China is interested in investing in the coal gasification project. The project will be able to produce an alternative energy cleaner compared to natural gas. […]
South Korea expressed its interest in supporting Indonesia’s plan to build its first commercial 77 MegaWatt Small Modular Reactor (SMR) nuclear power plant in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, expert said that Indonesia will rely heavily on other countries for various aspects of nuclear power plant development. […]
US EXIM Bank had previously withdrawn from disbursing the loan following protests from environmental organization and US President Joe Biden. However, the Bank finally decided to disburse the loan just as Biden was preparing to attend the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 19, 2023.  […]
The Cobalt Institute explained that Indonesia’s cobalt production will increase by 9,500 tons in 2022 from 2,700 tons in 2021. It is predicted that there is a potential for an increase in cobalt production 10 times in 2030. The Indonesian government identified a total cobalt reserve of 231,768 tons. […]
At the moment, JETP was named as the single largest climate finance partnership ever and supported by the public and private sectors. The Indonesian government however, still tries to make sure that the interest risks of the funding provided by JETP are lower than those of commercial loans. […]
Investment in the coal mining sector is predicted to remain strong in the short term. Dropping sales price has no effect on flow of investment. […]
The government has decided to postpone the imposition of Ferronickel (FeNi) and Pig Iron (NPI) export taxes. In relation to the government’s plan to establish determine export taxes for Ferronickel and nickel pig iron, smelter businesses urged the government conduct an identification before imposing export taxes. […]
PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy and Chevron formed a joint venture company to take part in the auction of the Way Ratai geothermal field. The joint venture company will be competing with Ormat Teknologi Indonesia. […]
The Indonesian government demanded Singapore to develop a solar power plant in Indonesia as a requirement for electricity export. […]
Antam’s decision to divest its shares in Halmahera Industrial Park is driven by the goal of developing the center of an integrated electric vehicle (EV) battery ecosystem in East Halmahera. CBL is known for its portfolio of developing and managing nickel industrial estates, suggesting that the industrial area will never be short of tenants. […]
Fujian Provincial Government plans to build an energy factory on a 200-hectare plot of land within the Batang Integrated Industrial Park. The project would cost approximately IDR 1.5 trillion for a lease period of 80 years on 200 hectares of land. […]
The Indonesian government will be establishing a Nickel price index, which will be used as a price reference for domestic nickel trading. The Nickel price index is expected to reduce dependency on the London Metal Exchange prices in determining royalty paid to the government. […]