Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Confidence Charter

Publication Commitment

We obey the principles of professional editorial ethics of journalism.

The data we distribute is composed by proficient and professional writers or specialists, they attempt to carefully adhere to the best expectations of editorial practice. In doing as such, they pledge to report dispassionately and precisely, and to confirm the data they compose.

We correct our mistakes.

In spite of every one of our endeavors to guarantee exactness, real mistakes sporadically get into print. At the point when this happens we distribute a remedy. We urge our perusers to caution us assuming that they spot a blunder.

No advertising.

We have decided not to convey any advertising. The benefit of our locales relies altogether upon article deals and memberships.

Intellectual Property Obedience

Our revenues rely exclusively through editorial sales and membership subscriptions.

To guarantee the independence and the quality of our editorial contents, we rely upon our abilities to fund our exercises with editorial deals and membership subscriptions. By purchasing our products and services, and not distributing them to any third parties, you help us to maintain our economic and editorial independence.

You might print an article or an issue and download it for your own utilization, yet you can’t under any conditions reallocate or distribute it to third parties even inside your own association whether by email, printing or intranet.

Multi-readers subscription.

We offer multi-readers subscription to permit access for collective use for quite a long time inside similar organizations or companies in accordance with copyright and intellectual property laws.

Private Data Protection

To open an account you are required to submit the valid email address and password. We are focused on ensuring the protection of our clients. The individual data that you impart to us when you explore on our site won’t be circulated to third parties.

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