Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Media Intelligence

Indonesia Business Post platform aims to provide global executives, investors and entrepreneurs with intelligence information they need to navigate their business in Indonesian market.

Through our sections, we unveil intelligence information within Indonesian political changing-driven international business context:

  • Corporate and competitive intelligence
  • Business and government due diligence and relations investigation
  • Deal-making analysis and negotiations
  • Opportunity and risks scanning
  • Strategic data market and analysis, per region and per sector
  • Interviews with country’s most influential business leaders and authorities
Independent editorial line

Our content and editorial line is the byproduct of a deep thinking, trusted interaction and honest discussion on topics and subjects that matter for our subscribers and clients.

We are carefully chosing our sources and are aware that all information is always questionable.

We do not take any advertising or any donation from political parties, in order to maintain our independence. We are only accountable to our members and clients.

Less overwhelmed and more action

Living in a period when everything is constantly bombarded by data and information that we actually don’t need, is overwhelming.

Most of the media are in a mad rush for information and online publication, minute by minute on webinar and social media, often without verification.

Indonesia Business Post prefers to analyze cases and information in a timely manner, so as to provide reliable information as well as a concrete recommendation of action.

Our editorial team works with a large network of sectoral business experts and local journalist in Indonesia.