Tuesday, July 16, 2024


Step-by-step legal procedures and regulation alert


The Ministry of Communications and Information is promoting the acceleration of national digital transformation through national startup because Indonesia has a great opportunity to achieve digital economic independence. Data shows that Indonesia has experienced faster digital economic growth, compared to other Southeast Asian countries. […]
One of the industrial sectors showing significant growth in Indonesia is health and beauty products. Especially beauty products have become an indispensable feature of an individual’s lifestyle. In addition, the growing awareness of individual beauty is one of the main driving factors for the use of beauty products in the global market. Together with everyone, both women and men, there […]
The trend of Non-Fungible Tokens or NFT is being discussed. NFT is a digital asset that resides in a blockchain. Blockchain is a combination of a lot of data located around the world, which then records the digital footprint of a cryptocurrency and can even record the track record of intellectual property rights that have been created digitally. Blockchain technology […]
Agriculture has contributed 13.70% to GDP in 2016 including Fisheries & Livestock and the number employed in the Sector is 46 million. Foreign investors wishing to operate in Indonesia are allowed to explore the possibilities offered by the agricultural industry, one of the most productive sectors of the economy today. Foreigners must comply with the Cultivation Rights Act under which […]
Now PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) (“PLN”) and other electricity companies that want to increase their business by selling electricity across countries have been allowed by the government on condition that local electricity needs have been met, but it also has to get the permission of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources first. However, some time ago, the Minister […]
The tourism service business is one of the most potential business opportunities in Indonesia. In fact, almost all tourism services in Indonesia are full of enthusiasts. This bustling business cannot be separated from the fact that Indonesia has extraordinary natural beauty, along with its cultural diversity and uniqueness which is now an attraction for domestic and foreign tourists. On average, […]
Media is a changing and evolving industry that creates jobs, goods and services, and revives related industries. Media is also an industry in itself that has rules and norms that link these institutions to society and other social institutions. Media behavior cannot be separated from the interests of the parties associated with the media system. These parties are media workers […]
Franchising has become one of the most prominent business models in recent years, particularly in sectors such as food & beverage (F&B), education, fashion and modern lifestyle. The franchise business model is becoming an increasingly popular method of entering the Indonesian market for both local and foreign investors. Foreign retail brands and service providers who have seen weak demand in […]
Airline rental prices by airlines in Indonesia have recently sparked public curiosity. Based on SINDOnews’ search, the price of aircraft rental is indeed high. Aircraft rental prices vary depending on the type of aircraft, ranging from Rp. 1.7 billion to more than Rp. 18 billion per month. Although expensive, aircraft rental is indeed the cheapest option for local airlines to […]
In an agreement between the parties or a business relationship, there is always the possibility of a dispute arising. In Indonesia, in the process of resolving disputes between the parties, there are several ways that can usually be chosen, among others, through litigation (courts) or non-litigation channels (mediation, negotiation, conciliation, consultation, expert judgment, and arbitration). Talking about arbitration or arbitration […]
The government needs to adjust the electricity tariff provided by PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) in order to maintain continuity. the business of providing electricity, improving the quality of service to consumers, increasing the electrification ratio, and encouraging more targeted electricity subsidies for household customers as well as the implementation of tariff adjustments for electricity. PT PLN (Persero) noted that […]
Electric power distribution is the final stage in the delivery of electric power. The distribution substation is connected to the transmission system and lowers the transmission voltage using a transformer. Distribution substation is one of the components of a PLN distribution system that functions to connect the network to consumers or to distribute electric power to consumers or customers, both […]


The Minister of Finance recently issued a regulation that subjected fringe benefits to income tax. Consequently, employees must report the benefits they received into tax return. […]