Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Tag: TAX

The Minister of Finance recently issued a regulation that subjected fringe benefits to income tax. Consequently, employees must report the benefits they received into tax return. […]
The Ministry of Finance issued a new regulation that includes office benefits and facilities as taxable object and will be imposed on employers. […]
The Indonesian government has set zero tax for vehicle tax and transfer of ownership tax for electric vehicles. The new policy is expected to ramp up electric vehicles sales. […]
Indonesia plans to increase its tax ratio to 15% following the world average, despite facing challenges such as a large shadow economy, exemptions of VAT in several sectors, and limited tax revenues collected at the central level. The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) intends to develop strategies to increase taxation and seeks new breakthroughs in tax administration to achieve fiscal sustainability. […]
The Indonesian government introduce a new regulation on taxes related to gold and jewelry sales. the new regulation is intended to provide convenience, legal certainty, simplicity, and lower rates. […]
Tax payment and filing of tax return must be taken either periodically or annually, depending on the category of tax. Failure to deposit or file tax return will incur administrative sanction, therefore, businesses must understand their tax obligations. This article will provide an overview of Indonesian regulation regarding tax payments, tax reports, and fines […]
Generally, there are two types of taxes that must be paid and reported by corporate taxpayers, namely corporate income tax and value-added tax (PPN). This article will further explain tax provisions of the corporate income tax law that is relevant for foreign investments. […]
Tax incentives provide a considerable advantage for investors as it would make it less expensive to operate their businesses. Indonesia offers two types of tax incentives to investors, namely Tax Holiday and Tax Allowance Facility. This article will provide a general brief of both tax incentives. […]
Double Taxation Agreements include lower tax tariff or tax exemptions. In order to obtain benefits from Double Taxation Agreements, several requirements are needed. This article will provide an overview of the Implementation of Double Taxation Agreement in Indonesia pursuant to the applicable laws. […]
Companies and foreign investors need to comply with tax obligations in Indonesia consisting of individual income tax, corporate income tax, value-added tax (VAT), withholding taxes, international tax agreements, luxury-goods sales tax, tax concessions, customs & excise, and land & building tax. Value Added Tax or Pajak Pertambahan Nilai” (“VAT”) is a tax imposed on the transaction of taxable goods and […]
Honorary titles become less and less popular. Being addressed with those titles is also seen as a snobbish act. The abolition of honorary titles has made interactions a lot simpler and avoiding embarrassment when the incorrect title was used. […]