Monday, June 5, 2023

Tag: Finance

The Indonesian Government will increase its share ownership in Freeport as the company divest another 20% of its shares in exchange for permit extension. […]
Indonesian electric transportation company, PT Teknologi Mobilitas Tbk will conduct an IPO. The company targeted to raise fresh funds of up to IDR 1.1 trillion. […]
BI Rate held steady at 5.75% as Bank Indonesia (BI) identifies anomalies in the performance of the US dollar. […]
The United States’ debt, potentially looms the country into recession as it is currently facing its debt of U$ 31.4 trillion. In addition, the risk of de-dollarization poses another challenge. […]
The World Bank grants IDR 260 billion to East Kalimantan province for its success in reducing 22 million tons of CO2 emission. The receipt of carbon compensation funds for East Kalimantan marked a significant milestone as it was the inaugural occurrence of such payments in Indonesia. […]
The Indonesian export market declines as demands from China decreases. China’s zero-emission policy had a significant impact on coal demand within the country, subsequently affecting Indonesia’s coal exports. […]
PT Pertamina Geothermal Energy Tbk (PGE/PGEO), has issued green bonds worth US$ 400 million (IDR 5.95 trillion). The company’s IPO valuation reached up to IDR 9.05 trillion. […]
Indonesian banks are recording growth on electric vehicle financing. Looking ahead, they are optimistic about the opportunities for increasing financing for electric motor vehicles, in line with the growing demand from environmentally conscious consumers. […]
US EXIM Bank had previously withdrawn from disbursing the loan following protests from environmental organization and US President Joe Biden. However, the Bank finally decided to disburse the loan just as Biden was preparing to attend the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan, on May 19, 2023.  […]
A total of 42 companies are planning to get listed on the IPO list at the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). The total amount of fund to be gathered is projected at US$ 2.2 billion as of 2023. […]
The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) noted that investment realization in Q1 of 2023 had reached IDR 328.9 trillion (US$ 22.4 billion) and created jobs for 384,892 workers. Out of the total investment value of IDR 328.9 trillion, as many as 52% or IDR 172.9 trillion was made outside Java Island, and the remaining 48% or IDR 156 trillion was made in Java Island. […]
Indonesia plans to increase its tax ratio to 15% following the world average, despite facing challenges such as a large shadow economy, exemptions of VAT in several sectors, and limited tax revenues collected at the central level. The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) intends to develop strategies to increase taxation and seeks new breakthroughs in tax administration to achieve fiscal sustainability. […]
Sri Mulyani, Minister of Finance of Indonesia together with ASEAN +3 countries, renewed the Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralism (CMIM). The guidelines will provide liquidity support with local currency for countries experiencing balance of payments difficulties. […]
State-owned construction company Wijaya Karya booked a net income of IDR 4.34 trillion in Q1 of 2023. However, massive increase in operating expenses, burden of income and cost of finding had eroded the company’s revenue, causing it to suffer IDR 526.52 billion losses. […]
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowered its world economic growth prediction to 2.8%. However, Indonesia will be an exception as the country is predicted to have an economic growth rate of 5%. […]
SOE Minister Erick Thohir said that SOEs will be giving out the largest dividend to the government. At IDR 80.2 trillion, it is said to be the largest ever in Indonesian history. […]
The Chinese Yuan is beginning to overtake the US Dollar as the most currency used in international transactions. Several countries have preferred Yuan to settle their import transactions. […]
GoTo, Indonesia’s one of the largest listed tech majors, cancelled its plan to use funds from convertible bond issue worth US$ 500 million The company asserted that doing so might send negative signal. […]
With the improving price of cryptocurrencies across the board, many crypto enthusiasts believed that the crypto winter might be over. Consequently prediction on increasing prices of cryptocurrency begins to emerge. […]
As of March 2023, Indonesia’s government debt had reached IDR 7,879.07 trillion (US$ 475,640.2 million) compared to February’s state debt. The number brings Indonesia’s Debt to GDP ratio at 39.17%, which relatively safe compared to other countries. […]
UOB and Lazada Group have entered into an agreement based on Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on retail, and banking solution to develop a digital ecosystem in the Southeast Asian region through enhanced payments, and financial services such as digital lending services. […]
Bank Indonesia will be signing a LCT agreement with South Korea as part of the effort to reduce dependency on the US Dollar for international transactions. […]
The circulation of money during the Eid holidays may reach up to exceed IDR 92 trillion. This condition will help boost the economy but the threat of counterfeit money remains. […]
MDI Ventures will work with Antler Germany to encourage the development of deep-tech start ups in Indonesia. […]
Bank Indonesia (BI) records a 9.88% increase in digital banking transactions for March 2023 period. use of debit and credit card also increase by 0.45%. BI aims to strengthen payment system digitization process to increase transaction efficiency, and expand the digital economic and financial ecosystem […]
Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati, said that domestic economy prospects is considered good. The good prospects is supported by the PMI and IKK index that measures people’s purchasing power and industry performance. […]
Indonesia’s trade balance surplus is supported by the non-oil and gas trade, which includes natural resource commodities such as coal, precious metals, metal ore, and iron and steel. […]
The recent case of fake QRIS code revealed risks and threats present within digital banking practices. Bank Indonesia urges providers to take measures and ensure security of their systems. […]
PT Industri Baterai Indonesia cooperates with companies from China and South Korea to develop electric vehicle battery from the upstream to the downstream. […]
Several digital banks recorded profits and signal that further growth is achievable and signifies importance of digital banks in propelling growth in consumer banking and for MSMEs. […]