Friday, April 19, 2024

Tag: Industry & Manufacturing

The Ministry of Industry has revealed that the realization of investment in the manufacturing sector over the past decade, from 2014 to 2023 under the leadership of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo, has reached Rp3,031.85 trillion (US$193.9 billion). […]
The Indonesian Iron & Steel Industry Association (IISIA) predicts that national steel consumption will grow by 5.2 percent to reach 18.3 million tons in 2024 in line increasing demand due to growth in the property sector, government infrastructure spending, and the automotive steel-consuming industry. […]
S&P Global reported that Indonesia’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) stood at an expansionary level of 52.2 in December 2023, representing a 0.5-point increase from November 2023, where it was at 51.7. The achievement of a PMI at the end of 2023 signifies the rapid pace of Indonesia’s manufacturing sector in the last three months, continuing the trend of manufacturing […]
The Indonesian government has set zero tax for vehicle tax and transfer of ownership tax for electric vehicles. The new policy is expected to ramp up electric vehicles sales. […]
The Indonesian government introduce a new regulation on taxes related to gold and jewelry sales. the new regulation is intended to provide convenience, legal certainty, simplicity, and lower rates. […]
Indonesian businesses are raising concerns over EU’s new deforestation law, which obliges countries to provide geolocation data of where their products were produced. In addition, with the new law, companies will only be allowed to sell products in the European Union if the supplier of the product has issued a so-called “due diligence” statement confirming that the product does not […]
Members of the Indonesian E-Commerce Association take steps to prevent the sales of used imported clothing on their platforms, including utilizing AI. […]
Honorary titles become less and less popular. Being addressed with those titles is also seen as a snobbish act. The abolition of honorary titles has made interactions a lot simpler and avoiding embarrassment when the incorrect title was used. […]