Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tag: Foreign Direct Investment

Singapore sits as the largest investor with US$7.7 billion of fund channeled into Indonesia. However, the country is merely used as a hub, while funds for the investment originated from Indonesian individuals. […]
Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo made a series of visits to East Asian countries to boost investments and hedge future conflicts. Widodo and his entourage started their visit to China followed by Japan and South Korea. In his three-day tour, Widodo made around US$13 billion in investment pledges and business deals after meeting South Korean counterpart Yoon Suk Yeol. […]
Bisnis Indonesia Resource Center data indicate that Alibaba began its investment in Indonesia through two e-commerce companies, Lazada and Tokopedia. On April 11, 2016, Alibaba invested US$ 1 billion in Lazada, a Singapore-based e-commerce platform. In addition to Indonesia and Malaysia, Lazada is also present in the Philippines. Alibaba Holding Ltd increased its ownership in Lazada to US$ 1 billion […]
Moshe Rizal, president of the Association of Indonesian Oil and Gas Companies (Aspermigas), explains that international and national forces pressure Indonesia’s oil and gas industry. As a result of climate change, the oil and gas industry has been pressured to reduce fossil fuel consumption and promote renewable energy sources. […]
Honorary titles become less and less popular. Being addressed with those titles is also seen as a snobbish act. The abolition of honorary titles has made interactions a lot simpler and avoiding embarrassment when the incorrect title was used. […]