Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tag: Public Affairs

Indonesia’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the World Resources Institute (WRI), a global research non-profit organization, have teamed up on February 17, 2023, to achieve the objectives of the FOLU (Forestry and Other Land Uses) Net Sink 2030. […]
Indonesia and Iran are strengthening their diplomatic ties for 44 years since the formation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, according to Ambassador of Iran to Indonesia Mohammad Azad. The ambassador highlighted the close relations between the two countries in global affairs, human rights and economic and cultural exchanges. […]
The government and the House of Representatives (DPR) have agreed to set the 2023 hajj pilgrimage fee at IDR 49.8 million (US$ 3,281.13) per individual, far from the 2022’s cost of IDR 39.89 million. Ironically, the decision was taken after the Saudi Arabia government announced that it would lower the hajj cost by 30%. […]
The closing down of Transmart’s 12 outlets has affirmed the tight competition among retailers and the shifting of consumers behavior. Economist at the Center of Economic and Law Studies (Celios) Bhima Yudhistira said the public currently have a variety of shopping options. They can shop at modern retail stores in their neighborhood to online shopping where goods are delivered directly […]
The cigar business has the potential to bring great profits as they are seen as a potential replacement for cigarettes. The production of cheaper and more affordable local cigar brands in Indonesia could potentially make cigars a rival to cigarettes in the country. […]
As the ASEAN 2023’s Chairman, Indonesia hopes to bring stability and prosperity in the region on various issues, including climate change, cyber security, digital economy and disruption of the regional supply chain. Therefore, the government must create a strong foundation of cooperation so that ASEAN can face all kinds of challenges in a responsive manner as a region. […]
NGOs in Indonesia have served as a significant factor in advancing public or social welfare goals. There are countless NGOs in Indonesia, both international and national/local. […]
As the current biggest Korean boy band in the world, BTS has been proving its status by breaking barriers and records – in or outside music industry – around the world. “Bangtan economy” is a nickname for BTS as a credit for contributing to South Korea’s culture, economy, and industry due to their popularity. […]
The Special Autonomy Fund has failed to become a push factor to eliminate the so-called natural resources curse in Papua and West Papua provinces. The fund has been used to increase gross domestic product but it did not improve other sectors especially education, health sanitation and forest condition in those provinces. […]
The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has entered the quarterfinal stage. Brazil and France have become the most favorite team to lift up the coveted trophy. Indonesia, despite its national team has never reached the World Cup, is not an exception. The country has 69% of its 270 million population as soccer lovers, according to […]
Sweden and Indonesia have agreed on 10 points of cooperation during Sweden-Indonesia Sustainable Partnership (SISP) 2022. SISP is a partnership between Sweden and Indonesia for sustainability development to drive bilateral collaboration and business partnerships toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Companies also presented their products on sustainable and renewable energy during the event in Jakarta on December 5 and 6, […]
The electric vehicles used for the G20 Summit in Bali in November 2022 are currently being sold at a discounted price or allocated for other government needs. Indonesia has committed to switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy by using electric vehicles – cars, motorcycles and buses – for the event’s mobility needs. […]
Indonesia is the world’s largest producer of palm oil, producing around 46.2 million metric tons in 2021 alone. Being the largest producer, consequently Indonesia has the largest oil palm plantations, especially in Sumatra and Kalimantan islands. […]
The Indonesian government should terminate all captive coal-fired power plant projects funded by the Chinese Belt and Road initiative since the projects have yet to comply with the Chinese government commitment to cease the development of coal-fired power plants at home and overseas since September 2021 . “Continuing the construction and use of coal-fired power plants will negatively impact the […]
French tire company Michelin’s local subsidiary, PT Lestari Asri Jaya (LAJ), has been allegedly involved in deforestation and intimidation against local farmers although the company had secured green bonds. Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi)’s Jambi chapter Chairman Abdullah said that since its operation in 2009, LAJ has been carrying out land clearing in Tebo regency, Jambi province. […]
According to Ihsan Basir, Banggai Islands Regent, stunting cases in Banggai Islands Regent in 2019 had recorded 22,6% increasing to 23 percent in 2020, then decreasing to 21,54% in 2021 but its has been increasing again to 21,87 percent in 2022. […]
The government recently raised fuel prices to avoid an overburdening of the state budget from subsidies designed to keep domestic fuel costs low despite increasing oil prices. In the face of expanding energy subsidies, the government decided to raise the price of fuels, to bridge the gap between retail and economic prices and thereby relieve pressure on public coffers. […]
The world is now facing the risk of a global food security crisis. Global markets for food, fertilizer, and fuel are thus extremely nervous. Of course, market forces could solve such a crisis, but only by driving food prices higher and forcing hundreds of millions of households into hunger and starvation. […]
Indonesia’s censorship and tight internet regulation mission continue with the implementation of the ministry of communication and informatics’ Ministerial Regulation no. 5/2020 on Private Electronic System Operators (PSE). Previously, the government had banned several popular online services by blocking internet access to their sites such as payment service Paypal, several gaming services and sites such as Steam, Epic Games and Origin […]
Said Iqbal who is also the President of the Labor Party stated that elements of workers, fishermen, farmers, other informal workers, women, youth organizations, and others will continue the action strategy in the regions with action points at the Governor, Regent, Mayor’s Office or Regional People’s Representative Assembly or DPRD as needed until September 26, 2022. The expected output is […]
Cyber security in Indonesia is being questioned and tested because lately, there are at least four issues related to data leakage that cause anxiety in the community, namely first, the issue of data leakage of 17 million PLN customers sticking out August 20, 2022. The data sold contains ID information, customers, names, and addresses of consumers to the amount of […]
Protests broke out in several cities on September 6, 2022, following the government’s decision to raise fuel prices three days earlier. Thousands of workers, grouped under the Labor Party, staged a protest in front of the House of Representatives (DPR)/People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) compound in Senayan, Central Jakarta. […]
Approximately a total of 100 people claimed to be from the Congress of the Alliance of Indonesian Trade Unions (KASBI), National Committee for Agrarian Reform (KNPA), Farmers Union, and People’s Labor Movement (GEBRAK) led by Nugrahanto to protest in front of the Office of the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (ATR / BPN), presented among others […]
The National Press Freedom index in 2022 saw a 1.86 point growth to 77.88, based on a survey by the Indonesian Press Council and state-owned firm PT Sucofindo. […]
The Labor Party and other labor organizations will hold simultaneous actions in 34 provinces on September 6, 2022. In Jakarta, it will be centered in the DPR RI with an estimated attendance of around 5,000 people, while in the regions it will be held at the Governor’s Office followed by the recovery of thousands of workers. Protesters in Jakarta came […]
The government plans to implement three social aid schemes worth US$1.62 billion (Rp 24.17 trillion) to boost people’s purchasing power amid the risk of inflationary pressures as a result of an expected increase in subsidized fuel prices. […]
The Israel-Asia Center is an Israeli not-for-profit organization dedicated to prepare Israel for a secure and prosperous future in Asia. It conducts leadership and public education programs, including a 12-week of Israel-Indonesia Futures Programs. Through the Israeli Start-Up Nation Central, the organization also giving grants to the alumni of the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship with ongoing engagement opportunities whose seeking funding for […]
Sensitives topics in Indonesia, palm plantations, human rights, have already cost journalists’ lives and seen others deported. Indonesia’s press freedom is hanging by a thread since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak restricting any forms of criticism towards the government and its handling of the pandemic. […]
Honorary titles become less and less popular. Being addressed with those titles is also seen as a snobbish act. The abolition of honorary titles has made interactions a lot simpler and avoiding embarrassment when the incorrect title was used. […]