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Ministry: Electrification ratio reaches 99.78 percent

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Director General of Electricity Jisman P. Hutajulu said that the electrification ratio in Indonesia as of the end of 2023 reached 99.78 percent, while the ratio of electrified villages was 99.83 percent, still below the target of 100 percent.

Jisman emphasized that the Directorate General of Electricity at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) is committed to improve the provision of electricity that is sufficient, reliable, sustainable, affordable and equitable as mandated by the Law.

“None of the five (Sufficient, Reliable, Sustainable, Affordable and Equitable) can be left behind. Because even if it is sufficient but not affordable, people will find it difficult. Enough but not reliable, it will be on and off, which is not good either,” Jisman said while addressing a media conference on Thursday about the achievement of electricity sector performance in 2023.

Furthermore, Jisman outlined the Directorate General of Electricity’s achievements throughout 2023 in providing electricity to the community. In fulfilling electricity infrastructure, the realization of substations reached 5,660 MVA, exceeding the target of 3,900 MVA. As for power plants, realization was at 5,511.69 MW, far above the target of 4,182.2 MW. Meanwhile, transmission infrastructure reached 3,519.5 kms, also above the target of 2,806.2 kms.

In developing Battery-Based Electric Vehicles (KBLBB) infrastructure, last year 2,704 units were realized last year from a target of 1,035 units.

As for the provision of electricity in new capital, realization has met the target of 10.75 MVA.

For electricity subsidies, Jisman said that from a target of 66,854.54 GWh, last year’s realisation reached 73,608.75 GWh, or 9 percent above the target.

“From the target of around Rp70.49 trillion, almost Rp67 trillion was realised. Last December there was a payment of around Rp64 trillion, this is for subsidies,” he explained.

The number of electricity customers has increased, from the target of 83.2 million customers, the realisation reached 88.4 million customers, or 7 percent more than the target. As for electricity consumption from the target of 1,336 kWh/capita, the realisation rose slightly at 1,337 kWh/capita.

Meanwhile, in the field of engineering, environment, and electricity investment, during 2023, network shrinkage managed to reach 8.74 percent of the target of 8.78 percent, because the smaller the network shrinkage the better. Followed by a decrease in CO2 emissions by 15.32 million tons of CO2, from the target of 5.91 million tons of CO2, or 259 percent of the target.

In the use of Domestic Component Level (TKDN) in the electricity sector, it reached 110 percent of the target, where the realisation of third quarter in 2023 reached 39.57 percent , above the target of 36 percent. Meanwhile, investment in the electricity sector reached USD5.75 billion from the target of USD6.64 billion, or 87 percent of the target.

Gusty da Costa






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