Friday, April 19, 2024

Tag: Companies

Daikin Manufacturing Indonesia has earned plaudits and acclaim for its unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility, particularly its fervent advocacy for the welfare and well-being of vulnerable segments of the populace. […]
Timah, Indonesian tin’s company teams up with Tanzania to maximize the potential of both countries’ mining industry with the signature of four bilateral agreements allowing tin exploration and other rare minerals such as nickel or gold. Timah also supporting Stamico’s project of exploration while expanding its business in Africa. […]
Part of the Minimum Essential Force (MEF) plan, Indonesia is currently underway to replace its retiring warships. Indonesia continues discussions with Danemark to reinforce its Maritime Defense with the purchase of Danish Iver Huitfeldt ships and a potential “technology transfer” (ToT) program. […]
The cyber-threat intelligence market in South-East Asia and Indonesia is animated by several market players especially from Israel. As cyber-threats continue to accelerate, Indonesia is planning to improve its capacity of countering these attacks while increasing its collaboration with Israeli companies specialized on the issue. […]