Friday, July 12, 2024

Five new suspects named in corruption case at PT Timah

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Junior Attorney General for Special Crimes of the Attorney General’s Office has named five new suspects in the investigation of alleged corruption in the trading of tin commodities under the Mining Business License (IUP) of PT Timah from 2015 to 2022.
The five suspects are:

● MRPT, CEO of PT Timah from 2016 to 2021.
● EE, Finance Director of PT Timah from 2017 to 2018.
● SG (alias AW), a mining entrepreneur in Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.
● MBG, a mining entrepreneur in Pangkalpinang City, Bangka Belitung Islands Province.
● HT (alias AS), CEO of CV VIP (a company owned by suspect TN alias AN).

The investigation reveals that the alleged involvement of HT (alias AS) is a development from suspects TN (alias AN) and AA, who were previously arrested on February 6. SG and MBG are owners of companies that had cooperation agreements with PT Timah in 2018 regarding the leasing of smelting processing equipment.

The suspects SG (alias AW) and MBG established dummy companies to accommodate the collection of illegally mined tin ore from PT Timah’s IUP. These dummy companies were controlled by MBG. The tin ore produced by MBG was obtained from PT Timah with the company’s approval and then sold back to PT Timah.

In addition to establishing dummy companies, MBG, with the approval of SG (alias AW), accommodated illegal tin miners in the IUP area of PT Timah.

The tin ore obtained from these miners was sent to SG’s smelter. The financial losses caused by the suspects exceed those of other corruption cases, such as the PT ASABRI and Duta Palma cases. Furthermore, the illegal tin mining activities in the Bangka Belitung Islands Province resulted in environmental damage.

The suspects are charged under Articles 2(1) and 3 of Law No. 31/1999, as amended by Law No. 20/2001, and Law No. 31/1999 regarding Corruption Eradication, as well as Article 55(1) of the Criminal Code.

The five suspects MRPT (RZ), HT (AS), MBG, SG and EE are all detained at theSalemba Detention Center in Central Jakarta.

The Attorney General’s Office has named seven corruption suspects and a suspect in the case involving the trading of tin commodities under the Mining Business License (IUP) of PT Timah from 2015 to 2022, identified with the initials TT.

Journalist IBP






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