Monday, June 5, 2023

Banks take measures to improve cyber security following recent attack and data breach

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Mahinda Arkyasa




Following the recent cyber attack launched against Bank Syariah Indonesia (BSI), safety of information technology has become one of the main concerns in the banking sector.

In an attempt to secure confidential and private data of customers, banks have taken steps to improve their own cyber security measures.

CIMB allocates IDR 1 trillion for IT security

PT Bank CIMB Niaga, for example, has prepared IDR 1 trillion in capital expenditures to improve their information technology security.

CIMB Niaga President Director Lani Darmawan stated that information technology maintenance has been one of the most costly component in the banking business. Lani asserted that it is important to maintain IT security to protect the safety of customers’ data.

“At CIMB Niaga we always prepare the best data security and most up-to-date IT security. Digital management is not cheap because it needs constant updates,” Lani said in Jakarta back on Friday (19/5).

Further, Lani said that up-to-date IT security is necessary to protect against harmful programs such as malwares and ransomwares. The bank, Lani added, constantly conduct stress test on their system to measure its strength and security.

Improving the people

Similarly, Bank Central Asia also conducted various measures to improve their cyber security and to make sure they can provide a safe and secure transaction platform.

BCA’s Executive Vice President for Corporate Communication and Social Responsibility Hera F. Haryn said that BCA employs layered security, risk management and liability, and accountability.

“This is to keep customers’ data and financial transactions secure and safe from data leaks by implementing strategy encompassing people, process, and technology,” Hera said.

Hera explained that people is the weakest link in cyber security. Therefore, Hera stated that there has to be an attempt to educate customers so they can be safe from cyber-attacks.

BCA, according to Hera, has been giving out education and socialization in relation to social engineering to its customers.

Mahinda Arkyasa






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