Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Indonesia secures climate collaborations at COP28, inking milestone agreements

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Indonesia has marked its presence at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, by entering into several groundbreaking agreements focused on emissions reduction. 

Notable collaborations include a grant from Norway, tropical rainforest partnerships with Democratic Republic of the Congo and Brazil, and a strategic alliance between Pertamina NRE and OIKN.

Norwegian grant acknowledges Indonesia’s deforestation efforts

At the COP28 in Dubai, Norway announced a substantial contribution of US$ 100 million to support Indonesia’s sustained efforts in reducing deforestation. 

Indonesia, boasting the lowest deforestation rates in the past two decades, received recognition for leading global endeavors in CO2 emission reduction through deforestation mitigation.

Jonas Gahr Støre, Prime Minister of Norway, expressed pride in collaborating with Indonesia and emphasized the significance of this US$ 100 million contribution, considering it one of the world’s most substantial climate mitigation efforts since the Paris Agreement in 2015.

Siti Nurbaya, Indonesia’s Minister of Environment and Forestry, highlighted the success of the new climate partnership initiated through an MoU signed in September 2022. 

This partnership, supporting Forestry and Other Land Uses (FOLU) Net Sink 2030, has proven effective, with Norway’s latest contribution recognizing Indonesia’s achievements in emission reduction through deforestation and forest degradation.

Tripartite collaboration for tropical rainforest management

Indonesia, Brazil, and the Democratic Republic of Congo strengthened their collaboration in tropical rainforest management during COP28. 

This cooperation signifies a significant step by the world’s largest tropical forest owners in climate change action.

Erick Thohir, the Ad Interim Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, emphasized the nation’s commitment to sustainable forest management. 

The substantial reduction of forest and land fires by 85%, from 1.65 million hectares in 2019 to 204,000 hectares in 2022, demonstrates Indonesia’s tangible progress in fire prevention and control.

Pertamina NRE and OIKN’s joint study agreement

Pertamina New & Renewable Energy (Pertamina NRE) and the Capital City Authority of Indonesia (OIKN) signed a joint study agreement during COP28, focusing on nature and ecosystem-based solutions (NEBS). 

This collaboration, endorsed by CEO Dannif Danusaputro and Deputy for Environment and Natural Resources Myrna Asnawati Safitri, aligns with Pertamina NRE’s commitment to energy transition and supporting Indonesia’s nationally determined contributions (NDC).

The collaboration encompasses climate-related projects such as carbon projects in agriculture and agroforestry, forest fire mitigation and control, blue carbon forests, restoration, and forest conservation. 

Additionally, it includes community engagement for sustainable forest management, promoting socio-economic development in surrounding villages, and biodiversity conservation efforts.

Dannif expressed positivity about the collaboration’s impact on climate, local communities, and biodiversity within the Capital City Authority. 

Myrna from OIKN welcomed the partnership, emphasizing its role in emissions reduction in the forestry and land use sector, particularly through the Nusantara Forest Carbon Project aimed at achieving Net Zero City status for Nusantara.

These collaborations reinforce Indonesia’s commitment to addressing climate change and fostering sustainable practices, showcasing the nation’s pivotal role in global climate action.

Journalist IBP






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