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Chief of the National Search and Rescue Agency named as suspect in corruption of equipment procurement

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Recently, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) had named Air Marshal Henri Alfiandi, the Chief of Basarnas (National Search and Rescue Agency), and several others as suspects in a corruption case involving the procurement of goods at the agency. Henri is accused of receiving bribes amounting to IDR 88.3 billion.

KPK’s Vice Chairman, Alexander Marwata, stated that Henri, along with his subordinate, Lieutenant Colonel Arif Budi Cahyanto, the Coordinator of the Administrative Staff at Basarnas, were the recipients of the bribes.

Additionally, KPK also identified Mulsunadi Gunawan (MG), the President Commissioner of PT Multi Grafika Cipta Sejati; Marilya (MR), the CEO of PT Intertekno Grafika Sejati; and Roni Aidil (RA), the CEO of PT Kindah Abadi Utama, as the people who handed the bribe.

Alexander explained that these bribes were related to several procurement projects at the Basarnas from 2021 to 2023, including procurement of equipment for detecting victims under debris, procurement of Public Safety Diving Equipment, and procurement of Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) for State Ship (Kapal Nasional – KN) ‘SAR Ganesha’.

Procurement of equipment for detecting victims in debris worth IDR 9.9 billion

During the procurement of equipment for detecting victims under debris, PT Intertekno Grafika Sejati (Integras) was designated as the winning bidder with a contract value of IDR 9.9 billion.

According to information provided by the Basarnas’ electronic procurement services website, there were 46 participants in the tender for this project, but only 4 companies submitted their bids.

Integras won the tender with a bid value of IDR 9,997,104,000. This value was slightly lower than Basarnas’ Estimated Price, which was IDR 9,999,738,030.

What raises suspicion is that Integras is primarily a printing company. On its website, the company claims to be part of the Sejati Group, which has various other business branches.

Procurement of Public Safety Diving Equipment

Meanwhile, between 2021 and 2023, Basarnas conducted two tenders for the procurement of Public Safety Diving Equipment. In 2021, the tender was made with an estimated price of IDR 14,991,295,000.

PT Kindah Abadi Utama submitted a bid of IDR 14,916,330,000 and was immediately declared as the winner.

Suspiciously, out of 7 companies that took part in the tender, only PT Kindah Abadi Utama was considered qualified, while the other six companies were disqualified from the beginning.

A similar situation occurred in the same tender in 2023. PT Kindah Abadi Utama was again claimed to be the only qualified company and was awarded the project with a value of IDR 17.4 billion. The other six companies were once again disqualified.

Procurement of ROV for State Ship (KN) SAR Ganesha

And then, on March 2023, PT Kindah Abadi Utama was announced as the winner for the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) procurement for the national vessel ‘SAR Ganesha’. In total, there were 22 companies took part in this tender.

Out of the 22 companies, only two companies submitted bids. PT Kindah Abadi Utama offered IDR 89.959 billion, while PT Geotindo Mitra Kencana offered IDR 85.8 billion.

However, Geotindo was declared the loser because the ROV they offered did not meet the required specifications in terms of dimensions and weight.

Geotindo also failed in passing the technical evaluation phase, allegedly due to not submitting the technical specifications, brochures, and other required information about their ROV.

Modus Operandi: ‘Dana Komando’ (Command Funds)

Air Marshal Henri Alfiandi is suspected of arranging the winners of tenders for various projects at Basarnas in 2023.

The KPK stated that the bribery was conducted using the code “dana komando” (command funds) and was facilitated through Henri Alfiandi’s trusted aide, Afri Budi Cahyanto.

Alexander stated that Mulsunadi Gunawan, Marilya, and Roni Aidil initially met with Chief of the Basarnas Henri Alfiandi, and Afri Budi Cahyanto to ensure that their companies would win the projects.

“In this meeting, it is alleged that a deal was made to give a certain amount of money as a fee, which is 10% of the contract value. The determination of the fee amount is suspected to be directly decided by HA (Henri Alfiandi),” said Alex during a press conference at the KPK building in South Jakarta on Wednesday, July 26, 2023.

Alex further explained that the winning bidders were allegedly manipulated by Henri Alfiandi, who directly instructed the conditioning process.

Imanuddin Razak






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